Some typical questions answered:


  • How much does 'Sounds Like Swing' charge? This is dependent on date, size of event and also travelling distance to venue . The start and finishing times are also borne in mind. Please give full details to enable us to quote you
  • Would 'Sounds Like Swing' perform for longer hours than originally specified? (finish later than agreed) Yes, this may be possible, but it will incur an extra charge
  • Do 'Sounds Like Swing' have special rates for charity fund-raising events? Yes we do and can we possibly assist in the task of raising money
  • How long does the band take to set up? Assuming that there are no unforseen problems, then approximately 40 mins
  • Are 'Sounds Like Swing' able to play live background music whilst food is consumed or while guests are arriving? That would be a pleasure, normally at a lower sound level
  • Are 'Sounds Like Swing' able to supply background music during band breaks? Yes we can - that, again would be our pleasure
  • How long does 'Sounds Like Swing' normally play for? Usually, we play for two or three 45 minute sessions or to suit specific requests
  • Do 'Sounds Like Swing' play music to suit all ages? Well, we often include many party classics and this is usually sufficient for everyone at some time or other to join in the dancing and enjoyment etc. We try to evaluate what type of music is popular and therefore we carefully select the numbers we play. Obviously, we cannot please all people all the time but we certainly please most of the people most of the  time
  • Does 'Sounds Like Swing' have Public Liability Insurance? Yes we do, with a limit of £2,000,000


The Venue
  • How much space does 'Sounds Like Swing' require to perform? Ideally, 4 metres  x 2.5 metres. Obviously, we would try to fit into the space provided but the smaller it is the more our sound and performance may be affected
  • Do 'Sounds Like Swing' play under marquees? Yes we certainly can, so long as it is stormproof as our equipment must not get wet from rain. The ground must be level and firm.
  • Do 'Sounds Like Swing' need a changing room?  If one can be made available to us it would appreciated. In addition, we would also appreciate somewhere to place equipment covers and cases etc.
Booking 'Sounds Like Swing'
  • How far will 'Sounds Like Swing' travel to a venue? Well, 25 mile radius from Loughborough would be the norm,  however this may be increased  but may incur additional charges
  • What are the Payment Terms? After confirmation has been made in writing, we require full payment at some time during the entertainment at a convenient time to suit you


If you have any further questions or require to book us, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.